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The Changing Wineskin So What's Next?
An Apostolic Meeting with 100 Year Old Arthur Burt.
A Gathering the Aftermath!
2010 initiated an insatiable desire to gather with other remnant forerunners of like spirit. What occurred is mostly indescribable other than to say "we are different". The time of corporate gathering and gifting is upon us: the time for some to get beyond the four walls of the church, for others, beyond the isolation of our small groups.
A New Generation of Kingdom Sons!
Kingdom is the cry of the Holy Spirit for all who are willing to lay down their own wants and desires, and instead choose to follow the leading of the Father and Him alone. Nothing can stop the progression of this nameless and faceless remnant Body. It will accomplish God's purpose upon the Earth.
Haiti A Prophetic Forerunner Experience!
I have just returned from Haiti in what, for me was the most difficult and different mission trip of my life. This mission trip, unlike others, was a prophetic experience.

We have published these testimonial videos which have been birthed from the deepest part of our being.   Our prayer is that these videos will be life changing in every aspect of the word.

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Conversation RecordingsWe occasionally record and publish recordings as it relates to what God is doing in our midst. These recordings can be found in our audio library which is available by clicking on the following link.

Our message is the vital prophetic word of the day -  God has heard the creation’s groaning, and now the ‘called’ sons of God are manifesting!

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